Bulgur, which is obtained by peeling the bark only without breaking the wheat, is produced in stone mills and contains 2 times more fiber compared to normal bulgur. It is a type of bulgur that is extremely delicious and is increasing in popularity day by day. It is an important and economical carbohydrate source rich in minerals located at the base of the grain group nutrition pyramid.


Among the cereals in Turkey, after wheat and barley, the largest cultivation area is maize, a hot climate cereal. Turkey's climate is quite suitable for Egypt, so it is grown in a wide area. The grains of the corn plant contain a high percentage of starch and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A and sterols.


Chickpea plant is mostly grown in Central Anatolia Region in our country. Chickpea production is quite high in provinces such as Kırşehir, Ankara, Konya, Karaman and Yozgat in the Central Anatolia Region. In the Mediterranean region, provinces such as Mersin, Antalya, Isparta and Kahramanmaraş take the lead.


Although the Black Sea region is seen as the region where production is most common on the basis of provinces, it is also widely produced in the Mediterranean and Aegean Regions. String beans greatly reduce the bad cholesterol in the blood. It lowers high blood pressure due to its high potassium content. Since it is a very rich plant in fiber, it regulates the discount system and hemorrhoids discomfort. It is very beneficial for the people living.


Lentils are one of the 4 species in the genus Lens in the legume family. Although all species in the lens genus are collectively referred to as "lentils" due to their lens shape and edible seeds, Lens Culinaris is the most commonly consumed and most commonly consumed lentil species when it is called "lentils". It grows in the Southeastern Anatolia region of our country.


Toprağın verdiği en kıymetli mucize olan barbunya, fasulyenin bir varyentesidir. Türkiye'de en çok Niğde, Kayseri, Yozgat, Elbistan ve Karadeniz bölgelerinde yetişmektedir. Pembe ve beyaz benekli yapısıyla sıcak ve soğuk olmak üzere tüketilebilir. İçerdiği zengin vitamin ve mineral yapısıyla her mutfağın olmazsa olmazlarındandır.  


Black eyed beans is a tiny, nutritious member of the legume family. The Black eyed beans plant, which is covered with green skin, is a nutritious vegetable with the vitamins and protein it contains.

sunflower seeds

Black Sunflower Seeds Without Salt (Dakota) is ready to share your core pleasure. One of the fun partners of sitting on the balcony or having fun in front of the TV is the nucleus. It is domestic production.


It is one of Ethiopia's favorite coffees, it has a balancing taste that makes it preferred in many blends. It differs from African coffees with its low acidity and cocoa flavors.
Bean Type: Arabica (Heirloom)